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Frog Level Brewing

56 Commerce St - Waynesville NC 28786 - 828.454.5664

Mon-Thu 2-9pm • Fri 2-10pm • Sat 12-10pm • Sun 2-7pm

Frog Level Brews

Lilys Cream Boy Ale

A sweet, corn-like aroma. Pale straw color with low hops, and a brilliant, sparkling clarity. Finish can vary from somewhat dry to faintly sweet from the corn, and malt. Mouthfeel is light and crisp with little to no after taste. Historically an ale version of an American lager. We named this one for the owners' Sphynx cat!

4.4% ABV

Nutty Brunette

"Nutty" refers to the toasted biscuity, light, sweet (toffee) malt aromas. An appealing light fresh hop aroma is noticed, and has a dark amber, translucent color with a light tan head. The Head Brewmaster named this one after his wife, but she doesn't get it.

6.3% ABV

Catcher in the Rye

You'll be jumping for joy over the floral aroma and tangy zip of this one, you may even write a novel about it. Brewed with rye to give it a slight grainy character that lingers. This light red ale moderately hopped with citrusy and floral American hops that has a big white head.

5.5% ABV

Tadpole Porter

Malt aroma with mild roastiness is evident in this substantial English dark ale with a smooth oatmeal quality. English grains and hops, brewed with local water brings this porter to life. Originating in England, "porters" evolved from a blend of beers, said to have been favored by Porters and other physical laborers. This one is named because oatmeal is good for babies, and tadpoles are babies too!

5.8% ABV

Salamander Slam IPA

Hop flavors are moderately high and floral to citrusy. The malts add complexity and give the beer a pleasant flavor, a golden color, and support the hop aspect. So, take a hike! If you love the smell of the woods after a fall rain, let our English India Pale Ale (IPA) take you there. The only thing missing are the bugs!

7.0% ABV

Hop-Scotch Ale

Like a single malt scotch, our peat makes all the difference. Our strong Scottish ale made from peat smoked malt is perfectly matched with other specialty grains to create an earthy, full-bodied experience. The deep copper color is topped with a light tan head, making it go down as smooth as a pot of liquid gold. C'mon – put on the family tartan, slice the haggis, and grab the bagpipes. It's time for a wee little Hopscotch!

7.2% ABV

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